What is the CAN-8 VirtuaLab?

The CAN-8 VirtuaLab is a grammar and pronunciation based interactive, multimedia tool used extensively for the instruction of English as a Second Language. Specified completely by teachers' requests, CAN-8 smoothly integrates student-learning activities with instructor activities of evaluation. It provides a worldwide, Internet based language-training classroom, which can be used in the school, in the office, or the home, creating real-time voice communications between instructors and students no matter their location.

Included with the Virtualab are over 200 lessons for ESL learning in both grammar and pronunciation, ranging from level 1 for beginners to level 4 for the more advanced students. Each lesson contains several exercises varying from multiple-choice questions to fill in the blank itmes and even several different types of oral recording exercises.

The modernization of classrooms benefits both the students by giving them accessibility to their lessons and homework from any location 24 hours a day as well as the educational establishment by providing approximately a year's worth of learning material, removing the need for expensive and outdated lesson books and photocopied handout exercises. The CAN-8 software also facilitates the marking of exercises by providing a tracking section for the instructors where they can access and mark all of the students' responses to an exercise instantly after the student has finished the lesson.

With CAN-8 you can teach any lesson to anyone, anywhere, at any time.