Questions about CAN8 VirtuaLab

Why use CAN8 VirtuaLab for supplementary training?
What is the difference between CAN-8 and a CD/DVD of lessons?
System Requirements
What do you need to work online?
How much does the program cost?
What does the Courseware consist of?

Why use CAN-8 for supplementary training?
All courses are accessed from the computer network or via the internet; there is no need to have separate classrooms for computer and audio equipment.
Cost Saving
No investment in extra equipment or materials is required by the site. Users may be issued an ID code and they will access it from the classroom network, home or other site where they may install the CAN-8 plugin. Sites only buy as many ID codes as they need for their students and only renew them when they need to.
Teacher Access
Teachers may access the student work and evaluate it from any location, either from the school network or anywhere else on the internet. All student work is securely stored on a central server.
CAN-8's versatility permits use around the clock, from any location. Be it by part-time, working students, on the campus, at home or in the office.

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What is the difference between CAN-8 and a CD/DVD of lessons?
The CAN-8 VirtuaLab automatically saves students work so that students can instantly play it back and instructors can also instantly retrieve it and give feedback or evaluate the students work.

The data is stored not on the students machine, but on a central server making accessibility instantaneous over the Internet.

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System Requirements
The Windows CAN-8 product accesses material on the server via the internet. This requires that the stations be capable of communicating with the server using a suitable connection to the internet. Workstations:
Windows 2000/XP/Vista/Windows7 OS.
Using a generic soundboard:
Full duplex 16bit card, 44k input/output
What do you need to work online?
When CAN8 is implemented online, the multimedia client station can access the material using an ADSL or cable connection to the internet. The client station must have downloaded or installed a files or "plugin" which is accessable

How much does the program cost?
Access to the CAN-8 system is sold on the basis of monthly access per user. With the first user purchased you also get access to the system via an instructor login, that allows the teacher to evaluate, give feedback and manage students. A variety of training options are offered to all CAN8 users. Follow-up training is also available. Refer below for pricing information.

The prices for the initial bundle and additional licenses and training sessions are shown below:

Initial bundle
-1 student id
-1 instructor id
-1 hour of training

Additional licenses and training
Student id $29.99/month
Training $40/hr

What does the courseware consist of?

The Courseware consists of over 200 lessons designed with flexibility in mind. There is no fixed order to the parts and the units. Thus the courseware can be assigned according to the needs of the students and the mandate of the course. It is designed to be used in a structured, linear environment as well as in an open-concept, specific-needs basis. A class can work on a target item together, or individuals with specific pronunciation or grammatical problems can be directed to those units, which address their individual needs. The Courseware is divided into two main packages:

The pronunciation pack
The pronunciation package follows a step-by-step approach to developing fluency. Each unit begins with a variety of discrimination and isolation activities designed to reinforce listening skills and progresses to the actual production and recording of the target sounds, first in short expressions and then in progressively longer sentences, following an audio and visual model.

In addition, each single-sound unit includes common and unusual spelling patterns, as well as an exercise on homophones. All units include a computer-marked test, and end with a series of un-modeled sentences that are read and recorded by the students, and then marked by a teacher directly on the computer.

The grammar pack
The grammar package includes over 100 lessons that can be used at any institute where ESL is taught. These lessons are meant to supplement learning that has happened in the class. They have been divided into 4 major levels for convenience, but can be used at any point that is appropriate for the program. All lessons include the opportunity to record speech. Level 1 is for complete beginners. Level 2 is also very low level. Levels 3 and 4 are more complex.

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